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In the spring of 2006, Stelco, the female falcon, laid five eggs on the breaching near the roof of our fifth generating unit. While incubation was in progress, we started making plans to build a nesting box.On March 12, 2007 we placed our nesting box on the east most breaching of our 6th generating unit at Eckert.The tail, colored like the back but with thin clean bars, is long, narrow and rounded at the end with a black tip and a white band at the very end.The top of the head and a "mustache" along the cheeks are black, contrasting sharply with the pale sides of the neck and white throat.Ten days later, on March 22, Stelco jumped into her new home happily.The summer of 2007 was again successful, Stelco laid five more eggs. In 2008, we raised the nesting box higher above the very hot breaching in hopes of helping the falcons have a successful brood.It is a large falcon, about the size of a large crow, with the female being larger than the male, and with a blue-gray back, barred white underside, and a black head and "mustache".About seventeen subspecies are recognized, which vary in appearance and range.

The underparts are white to rusty and barred with thin clean bands of dark brown or black.

Our falcon cameras were installed on February 28, 2008 In 2004, after we successfully fledged 2 of our 3 falcon chicks, our thoughts shifted to how to help them in years to come.

Since the peregrine will use the same nesting site year after year, and they mate for life, there would be a good chance they would return to nest at Eckert.

The only major ice-free landmass from where it is entirely absent is New Zealand.

Both the English and scientific names of this species mean "wandering falcon" and refer to the migratory habits of some populations of this widespread species.

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