Confluence blog posts not updating

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window.webpack Manifest={"0":"store-subscriptions.a05c12fee0ecfdcf6834-v19.js","1":"en.18c0ee88e23030317a70-v19.js","2":"space.shortcuts.baf8c236fd5b0d079add-v19.js","3":"intl.7ca5a342dead740204a0-v19.js","4":"","5":"","6":"","7":"","8":" The Wikis Service Team is very happy to announce that we implemented a solution to the "Autowatch email notifications issue" many of clients were having.The updates include editing the page or blog post, adding a new page or blog post to the space, and adding a comment to the page, blog post or space. You can subscribe to email notifications for changes to content by all users that you are following.

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You can also subscribe to daily email reports and other notifications of various updates, as described below.You will only receive notifications for content that you have permission to view.Users that have been disabled by an administrator will not receive email notifications.You can Option: Do you want Confluence to automatically add you as a watcher on each page or blog post that you add or update?If you are a watcher of a page or a post, you will receive notification of future changes.

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