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Recently, one of my students raised some fascinating questions that more and more people today seem to be asking, namely, “Is premarital sex a sin, and whether the Bible is really clear on the matter.Here is how he posed the question: “I will qualify this to say that my girlfriend and I aren’t doing anything; however, we were both fairly surprised to discover that the “sex in marriage only” thing is not really there.In such societies, and definitely in the world of the OT, the title to the land follows the male line of descent.In such cultures it is unthinkable that they would be indifferent to being as certain as possible who the father of a child was.not “consummated,” is incomplete and may be annulled.But this proposition is not reversible, that one can have sex and consider oneself married!

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Rather, it rebuts the claim that the OT does not insist on marriage before sex, and it provides the human context out of which the OT demand for faithfulness in marriage and celibacy outside it emerged.The importance of marriage as a social, spiritual and public covenant or contract is pervasive in the Bible, especially the OT.The world of the OT was a patriarchal society based on land and agricultural production.Second, honor and shame cultures placed a high value on sexual purity. 19—fidelity in heterosexual marriage or being a eunuch! For the Old Testament side of things, it’s interesting that the only text your student interlocutor mentions is the stipulation that a man who seduces a virgin should pay her bride-price and make her his wife (Exod ).What the student fails to observe is that the premise of this legal stipulation is that the man has, in fact, gotten the process reversed.

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