Dating amerasians

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Allegiances of super powered people fight for control of a young girl, who holds the ... But can he ground her increasingly self- destructive behavior back to reality in order to avoid even further traumatic consequences?See full summary » The Illegal Street Football League. See full summary » In order to enhance his ability to make people laugh, a struggling comedian takes part in a teleportation experiment that "improves" whatever cargo is being teleported..the results are no laughing matter.A Southern woman's unintentionally hilarious job-application videos end up on the Internet and go viral.Both were based at the US airbase, on the outskirts of Saigon.When the North Vietnamese army stormed in to Saigon in April, 1975, most American soldiers had already left.Jack Sheffield disgraces his aristocratic family's name with absinthe-fueled antics abroad.His brother takes him to the Rosewood mental institution, which provides him with the one outlet that unhinged him in the first place: the theatre.

I'll live with that the rest of my life." He buries his head in his hands and sobs. I'm sorry." Dennis, a retired engineer who lives Florida, remembers the area near the US airbase where he lived with the girl he called Anna.

All communication between America and Vietnam was cut off for more than a decade.

"I sent her a hundred bucks every month," Jerry tells Dennis, as if trying to justify himself.

"It hasn't changed that much," says Dennis, as we set out to find the house he shared with Anna.

"I had an easy time here during the war," he explains as we walk. I worked three days on and two days off, which I spent downtown here with Anna." We turn in to Wan Thang Ba street.

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