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Its decline is believed to have occurred between 650 and 750 AD and evidence has been found of wilful destruction and damage by fire of some of the main buildings.Some scholars put this down to it being sacked by unknown invaders although others suggest that it may have been an uprising of the people against the elite.Along the Avenue of the Dead are many smaller constructions which the Aztecs believed were tombs, hence the name of the avenue.

Beans have been part of our Mexican culture since Prehispanic times, along with corn and peppers.At the side of the avenue is the immense Pyramid of the Sun which is 210 feet tall, this was 249 feet as it originally had a temple on top.Its base length is 738 feet, which is 10 feet less than the Great Pyramid of Cheops.Running along the centre of the city is a broad central avenue, called "Avenue of the Dead" which contained a number of structures.The avenue was 131 feet wide and stretched for 3 miles, although now only 1.4 miles is discernible.

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