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He was a pure whitebread bigoted boy who felt superior and wasn't shy about disclosing it. Susan , who is quite nice looking, even at almost out in the gym, eats carefully, and is proud of her looks and figure.

She also likes to dance..gets into it, especially with rock'n roll, or "black" music, as she calls it..

Of course the owner would be gone in order to allow the house to be seen..there was little danger of discovery.

This had been going on for months, much to my surprise and dismay....I didn't let on.

We had been married for some 16 years and were not exactly living 'happily ever after' and they say.

Somewhere in those years we had had the standard two kids, both of whom were teenagers now, and while we had grown apart somewhat, we had kinda mutually agreed to stick it out and be parents until the youngest reached 18, then maybe if things hadn't improved, we'd reassess and perhaps split the sheets.

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I had been faithful...thought it was what I agreed to in the vows, and despite several open invitations over the years, I had hung in there with the fidelity thing.After we discussed these, me being 'surprised and amazed' at this wonder dust......I asked how to manage to get my wife to try this magic potion...certainly wouldn't just take a pill if I suggested it.He said: "No, mon...would take it in a drink we made up called the Black Island Cherry, and she would never know it..fact after a little while, she'd never know anything at all until the next day.Then no hangover, no memories of the night before, and no regrets, but all the fun you want to have with her." I asked him about the drink name, and he said it came from the fact that if a white woman decided to enjoy one of the local guys, for her first time, he would in fact be getting her 'black cherry'...that this was a bit of a secret between the men, and never told to the females.

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