Iata validating carrier

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If you have queries on software testing, quality assurance or career in testing then you can ask me these questions in comment section below.

It’s not possible to address each and every question in detail as I observed the questions are on vast topics, for which detail answers will itself require a new article.

Your main responsibility is to build a team to achieve your project goals.

You need to focus on handling the challenges in your project so that your team and project will grow and perform well.

You might write a test plan and test strategy (In some cases it might be written by senior test team member or even by project test manager) Ensure the work is going according to this test plan. At the end of the project, testing life cycle ensures that all test objectives are accomplished and acceptance criteria are met.

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Hope from this answer you will get good idea of testing processes and TL responsibilities.“I am appearing for the QA positions in US.

I would kindly request you to mail me the suitable challenging situations in manual testing and also since I don’t have domain knowledge in Insurance, finance and other financial domain experience I am finding hard to explain to the interviewer as an experienced person.

In this regard I need your suitable answer as to how to face the interviewer?

I don’t stick to those old process definitions that are written and managed in some 90’s and most of which might not applicable nowadays.

Test lead is responsible for ensuring project plan changes are incorporated in the test plan.

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