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This is no ordinary get together because they have millions of people living at Moria over the Easter period.

In 2007 there were apparently over 3million people gathered there over the Easter long weekend!

I suppose this is one of the great annual mass events in the world and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to record some of it from the air...

I was also pleasantly surprised when we drove past Moria on the Tuesday after the long weekend, to see that the site had already been cleaned up...!

You don’t want your boss or his boss noticing that your relationship is causing you to work at an unsatisfactory level.

I used an ISO setting of 800 to 1600 to ensure everything would be sharp and that the movement and speed of the plane would not affect the image quality negatively.

My lens, a 24-105 zoom's aperture was set at f8 and most of the images were made at the 105mm focal length mark. Then after in 1913 Engenas became ZCC minister and later on He erected a church in Thabakgone.

Therefore, it is essential to show up well prepared to such expos, with all the relevant products and equipment potential clients might want to see.

In other words, is it worth it, if all doesn’t end well?

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