Rowupdating with

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Fill(ds); //Here you can do any modification to the selected data ds.

When performing a batch update, the command's Updated Row Source property value of First Returned Record or Both is invalid. Product Category (Name) VALUES (@Name);", _ connection) adapter. An exception may be thrown if a non-supported statement is submitted for execution.

The reduction in the number of round trips to the server typically results in significant performance gains. Setting the to 0 will cause the Data Adapter to use the largest batch size that the server can handle. Use the Row Count property to return the number of rows processed before calling the Copy To Rows method.

If the row had been modified, it called the appropriate , depending on the value of the Row State property for that row. Delete Command = New Sql Command( _ "DELETE FROM Production. The Copy To Rows method of the Row Updated Event Args class allows you to access the processed rows by copying references to the rows into an array.

It provides the feature of reflecting the changes made to a Data Set or an instance of the SQL server data.

The Command Builder opens the Connection associated with the Data Adapter Object and makes a round trip to the server each and every time and it's asked to construct the action queries.

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