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Despite their limited education, the women made a substantial amount of money—on average, they earned about two to three times more than what a new college graduate might make in the region.In this way, sex work in China is not “survival sex.” But they also lived with a never-ending risk of illness, pregnancy, and arrest.The rural-urban inequalities that have emerged over the last several decades have caused approximately 120 to 250 million peasants to move from China’s countryside to its cities in search of work, and a large number of migrant women have become sex workers.An estimated 4 to 10 million women are now working in China’s sex trade, and many experts say that the majority of these women are poor migrants.hey also offered me some unsolicited but well-intentioned life coaching. S., must be having affairs, since we were living separately for such a long time.Since continuously searching for a new woman is in a man’s “nature” and men are “like that,” the women I bonded with claimed I should wisely address the situation by securing my finances and enhancing my sexual appeal, meaning take care of my figure and dress more suggestively.

ince economic reforms were put in place in the late 1970s, China has seen a dramatic boom in its market economy and an influx of rural migrants into urban areas that could well be the largest labor flow in human history.Because I was so lacking, I was ranked lower in the hierarchy of “sisters,” just above the sex workers who were younger than 25 years old.Many women in their 30s were at the level of madams or experienced sex workers, so they were called “elder sister” (); I had to express my respect for their experiences by calling them “elder,” despite the fact that some of them were younger than me.But I wanted to know more about their social relationships: Were they isolated and marginalized? I tried to work for three months in Shanghai and another three in Beijing, but officials in both cities were suspicious of the motives of a foreign researcher.Also, the spotlight of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics made it hard for me to do my work (even in Shanghai, since it is the other “face” of China).

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