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He has to put back what he has been given.' Lady Tamara is married to one of Prince William's best friends, Ed Van Cutsem.

They are pictured on their wedding day with The Duke (next to the bride), the Duchess (second from right), Hugh (between his parents) and bridesmaid Lady Viola (front row, second left)City banker Edward is Prince Charles's godson, and the brother of George's fellow godparent William van Cutsem.

When Alexis asked if they were telling the truth, Serena said: “No, we just don’t want you sitting there.

lthough Hugh is the third of his father's four children, he will inherit the Duke of Westminster's title and his entire £9billion estate.

His three sisters, Tamara, 36, Edwina, 34, and Viola, 23, are set to inherit considerable trust funds.

Williams doesn't have to fulfill orders any more than Michael Jordan, majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets, has to pass out towels on the bench.

After struggling to reestablish her brand, not to mention her health, following a couple of setbacks, she's now in full control.

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