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In 1960, he mounted a full-scale run, winning primaries in South Dakota and Washington D.

C., but ultimately lost the Democratic nomination to Massachusetts Senator and future President John F. In 1964, Humphrey was tapped as the running mate of President Lyndon Johnson, who went on to win in a landslide victory over Republican Barry Goldwater.

Humphrey experienced a surge in the polls in the days prior to the election, largely due to incremental progress in the peace process in Vietnam and a break with the Johnson war policy, but was defeated by Nixon on Election Day.

Hubert Humphrey was first elected to public office in 1945 as Mayor of Minneapolis.

Johnson replied that it was not in the best interest of the nation to mix the partisan politics of a presidential election with the ongoing Vietnam crisis, and that if elected, he probably would not be able to complete the term since the men in his family usually died in their early sixties.

After Johnson's withdrawal, Humphrey was hit with a barrage of media interest and fanfare.

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Johnson that he would not seek the party's nomination.

Around this time, Johnson decided to drop out of the race.

When he informed Humphrey of his decision, the Vice President urged Johnson to remain as a candidate.

The contest between the men featured a battle for control of the Democratic Party, and cast Humphrey's "old politics", against the "new politics" of Mc Carthy and Kennedy.

The main cause of the division was the Vietnam War, which intensified during Humphrey's tenure as Vice President and grew increasingly unpopular.

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